What is PVC free vinyl and why it is a better option

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. Because of its high chlorine content, PVC creates toxic pollution in the form of dioxins. PVC is made softer and more flexible - which is important in a wall sticker - by the addition of phthalates, and can contain traces of chemicals like bispenol A (BPA). According to the EcoWatch, exposure to phthalates may have significant health effects. Besides health problems, there are a number of negative environmental impacts from the production and use of this material, such as problems in disposing of PVC, which is very difficult to recycle.

You may know that PVC is used to make pipes, polyvinyl flooring and siding, hoses, cable coatings, medical devices, plumbing and automotive parts. Also, it is used to make material for upholstery, housewares, shower curtains, raincoats, toys, school supplies, food packaging, and shoes. And yes, most of the wall decals are made from PVC, too.

There is always an alternative, though. We, the proud founders and owners of aint-a-sticker, chose to use only ECO friendly PVC free vinyl. PVC free vinyl does not have the C factor (Chlorine), is phthalate free, has solvent free adhesive, can be cleanly recycled and is fire resistant. We offer you stickers that have significantly smaller imprint on environment and is not hazardous to your health. Hygge, right?

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